You will Learn these 10 Important Investing Fundamentals and a whole lot more from Ford’s NEW book, Annuity 360
  1.  How you can benefit from Annuity Companies competing for retiree dollars.
  2. How a Fixed Indexed Annuity works and grows.
  3. How investing in a Fixed Indexed Annuity can help you avoid the negative impact of loss in your portfolio.
  4. Famous people who significantly grew their money with annuities.
  5. Financial Reserve requirement of a Fixed Indexed Annuity and a Bank CD.
  6. Important investment rules including the Rule of 100, the 4% Rule and the Rule of 72.
  7. How a bond replacement can save you fees and generate significant growth.
  8. How you can implement a ROTH IRA Ladder Conversion within an Annuity.
  9. The type of Fixed Indexed Annuity that you should consider purchasing to effectively protect and grow your hard-earned wealth.
  10. How you can create your own personal pension that you can never outlive
We will work hard to protect and grow your hard-earned wealth.
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